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Michael Moore hrbmoore at
Thu Dec 7 03:51:21 EST 1995

In case some of you don't know, my web site has been up for 6 weeks now.

it contains:
45M of ORIGINAL files...

*ALL my clinical manuals (acrobat and ascii)
*Classic works in Eclectic, Thomsonian and Naturopathic herbology (acrobat
and ascii)
*500+ JPEGS of medicinal plants from Western North America (by genus)
*200+ Illustrations, engravings and woodcuts of herbs and drug plants
*200+ links (by genus) to OTHER medicinal plant images
*the current Medicinal Herb and Culinary Herb FAQ put out by Henriette Kress
*A resource list of bioregional herbalists, supplies, bottles, etc.

and links to the SUNSite and SUNSite (Japan) mirror FTP sites

(and 200K of some of my class and book info...easily ignored)

Michael Moore (hrbmoore at
All the SWSBM teaching and clinical manuals, JPEGs of Medicinal Plant
photographs and class announcements can be obtained at my web site.

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