672 Brassica Root ESTs available

Fri Dec 8 03:31:15 EST 1995

Dear Netters:

The 672 root ESTs of Brassica napus I have generated (Park et al., Plant
Physiology 103: 359-370, 1993) are now available in the NCBI'c dbEST.
These sequences have been analyzed by Kristi Swope in the Minnesota
Computational Biology Group (thanks to her kind effort for the analysis).

The follwing is a part of Kristi's explaination about how to approach the
Brassica ESTs in their Web site.

" The sequences are available for searching on our server using a
WAIS index search. Our server URL is http://lenti.med.umn.edu and you
can get to the WAIS index page by first clicking on the "Arabidopsis
cDNA Sequence Analysis Project" link and then the "WAIS index search"
link.  If you are unfamiliar with doing searches or would like to
understand how to interpret the results of your search, then the "tips
and pitfalls" and the "tutorial" links will be useful."

I hope you find some use of the ESTs. If someone needs the clone, contact
me by e-mail or fax(82-562-279-2199)

Best wishes for everyone.

Hong Gil

Hong Gil Nam
Dept. of Life Sciences
San 31, Hyoja Dong, Nam Gu
Pohang, Kyunguk, 790-784
Republic of Korea

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