WANTED INFO - fern spores

Fagan 1 fagan1 at aol.com
Sat Dec 9 18:01:28 EST 1995

An associate of mine has done fern germination, and found that any type of
potato bacto-agar works fine.  Also, She found that they germinated better
in soils.  We don't know why, but think that acidic soils are less
susceptable to fungus infestation on a large scale.  You can also use a
fungicide in the agar mix.  There are several brands that you can buy at
any nursery store (the one I use for other types of seed is Captan
fungicide).  When used in low doses, these fungicides do not harm the
seeds or spores, and do not kill, but slow down fungus growth.  I can give
you more definite info if you rite me back.

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