Sperm Oil

Michael L Roginsky d_micro at ix.netcom.com
Sat Dec 9 16:37:59 EST 1995

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>"Sperm oil" = oil isolated from sperm whale blubber.
>On 4 Dec 1995, Marco Duretto and Peter Neish wrote:
>> I was reading in Mabberly's Dictionary of plants that Jojoba oil is
used as a
>> substitue for sperm oil.  Can anyone tell me what sperm oil is?
>> Peter
>>The sperm whale provided large quantities of lamp oil during the
whaling years past. It has a reservoir in its head, and of course the
bubler also yelds additional oil. This is a toothed whale that preys on
giant squid, and is the deepest diving of all whales. National
Geographic had an excellent article on whales some months ago...look
for it in your library. MikeR, a.k.a. Micro.

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