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Wed Dec 13 16:24:22 EST 1995

In article <4akirt$cc9 at> msousa at (Miguel Andrade e Sousa) writes:
>I would like information (Family, genera, species) about the fruit tree
> called something like LITCHIX, a strawberry like fruit, with a green and
> hard enclosure, about 3cm diameter, juicy, edible, fragrant.
>Please e-mail any comments about it.

li-tchi or li-chee or ly-chee n. 1. A Chinese tree, Litchi chinensis,  
  bearing edible fruit. 2. Also litchi nut.  The fruit of the litchi tree.[
  Chin. (Mandarin) li {4}zhi {1}]

Sorry, I don't know the family.  They are in season in summer.  You can
also buy them canned.  I think they need frost free or nearly frost free
conditions.  They are not strawberry-like in any fruit character unless
your eyesight is bad or you have a lot of imagination!

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