Nasturtium culture

Edward Stein talled at
Tue Dec 19 00:21:10 EST 1995

    I am trying to grow nasturtiums in Florida.  Everywhere I read it
says that this is known in England as the "poor man's flower" and that
nasturtiums flourish in poor soil, and do poorly when fertilized, or at
least do not bloom prolifically when fertilized.  Yet even in Florida
plants need nourishment to grow during these shortened days.  I would
like to give the nasturtiums a "boost" by fertilizing them.  The heavy
rains of late summer leave the soil very washed-out here.  Does anyone
have any knowledge or experience with nasturtiums, and know whether
fertilizing is really inimical to blossoming, or whether it may be
beneficial under the conditions I have described?  Send E-mail replies
to: talled at  Thanks.

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