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>Plants do not feel pain as *WE* know it. Perhaps they feel
>pain as *THEY* know it. The real answer depends on how you
>define pain. e.g. if you define pain as a response to an unpleasant 
>stimulus, plants definitely do feel pain.
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>>Hypothetical question: do they communicate feelings? I read about the
>>subject, but the writer was in no way able to support his
>>"measurements". As an practicing engineer, I only accepted "logical"
>>and verifyable results. However, age has taught me that ther's more
>>to strict logic. How about "fuzzy logic"? It is a logical decision
>>based on  probabilities of the outcome. It works well, and we the US
>>developed the concept had to wait for Japan to prove it out! Does
>>intuition a part of logical decision making? Cheers......Merry Xmas.

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