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Subject: Re: New taxonomic NAMe-files for SKIS
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I picked this program(Skis56) up off Garbo but I can't get
past the menu screens. I printed up the manual,read it,but
still get no where -every choice I make gives me a menu scree-
n. Can anyone tell me how to use this  or is it best to remove
it from my drive. 

Gunn at (Derek Gunn) wrote:

>We are pleased to announce the release of NAM-F-1.ZIP

>This contains eight Family level NAMe-files for use with the
>with SKIS (the Six Kingdom Inventory System).

>Both NAM-F-1.ZIP and SKIS_56.ZIP (SKIS itself) can be ob-
tained >via FTPfrom:

Would you please put the response on the net so I can learn
from it too?  Thanx a million in advance  --  Chris

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