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: Plants supposedly feel pain, as discussed in the book "Secret Life Of
: Plants". But relax, I've heard that they experience life fulfillment when
: they are included in a healthy meal.

	That book has been discredited many times over; on the other hand,
	a book called _The_Private_Life_of_Plants_, by David Attenborough,
	is a great introduction to the world of plants for beginners.  It's
	the companion volume to his recent TV special by the same name.

	Do plants feel pain?  No, almost certainly not as we humans define
	"pain," but they struggle to protect their lives and their germ line
	just as desperately as any other living thing on the planet, and
	that, to my mind, is as relevant as any other criterion one might
	want to select to assign ethical significance.......but that's a bit
	beyond the intended discussion limits of this group.

	For those who are interested, try the following WWW site:


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