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>>: yes plants not only feel pain but are able to read your intention
>kill or
>>: hurt them.  Experiments were conducted over 12 years ago
>demonstrating this. 
>>: If you insist on eating veggys for your sole food intake be sure to
>check on
>>: your need of Vit b-12.  You'll be short.  Have a great holiday. 
>>: mross at fuhsd.k12.
>>>>>So do cows, bulls, chickens......................we need to
>survive, and as such, we must inflict pain. However, be merciful as
>take life. Indians revered the very creatures killed for their needs.
>Flagship Earth is home to lots of hurt, even we hurt and make others
>hurt. But it is a BIG Universe, and pain is short lived when compared
>to infinity, for infinity as we know it cannot be defined! Cheers.
>Micro, the only living one!
>>How about posting some documentation on these "experiments that were
>>over 12 years ago". Plant neuroendocrinology is something I am
>>more interested in.
>>Bob Bateman
>>rbateman at
>>>Responding to you Bob, 10 years ago I did research in measuring
electrical polarization of house plants when they reacted to soothing
sounds and harsh ones. There's definitely a reaction, but technology
was still on its knees, the 747 IC amp was my means of amplifying
charge and current drift due to temp variation got mixed into the data.
I had designed a circuit that continually corrected for drift using a
reference input capacitor and a CMOS switch to "chopper stabilize".

Today I inficted severe prunning to my apple trees and I could imagine
it was felt. My theoretical intuition tells me all living beings have
stimuli of pain, the more developed the being, the more sensitive it is
to good and bad experiences. That's as far as I can take it, being a
EE. Let me know what else you come across....cheers.....Micro, the only
living one!

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