Query:Stimulating new growth with specific proteins

dennis goos dennis_goos at mindlink.bc.ca
Thu Dec 28 20:51:16 EST 1995

I was listening  CBC radio(Can.) to an interview with a medical researcher in
Montreal doing basic research in stimulating the production of new brain cells
in mice by using a specific protein that generated existing "stem" cells to
reproduce ?. At least,I think that was the mechanism. The research has
established evidence that this potential for producing new  brain cells exists
throughout the mammals and a Calgary lab has begun investigating possibilities
for "in situ" stimulation in the human brain to repair injury,etc.

Ignorant as I am, I wondered if any similar stimulation to produce new cells
through application of a specific protein molecule was possible in the plant

Imagine if a tree could be stimulated to reproduce growth removed in the
harvesting of timber by application of a protein molecule to the stump !!

Anyone know of any research that would parallel this mammalian experimentation ?

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