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Hi folks!

I have been translating a book on medical care and I am despe-
rately seek Latin terms for a few plants. Frankly, I need to
know their Czech names but I do not expect to find them in the
dictionaries (I failed in finding them in a 4,000-page Eng-
lish-Czech dictionary). I hope to learn their names in Latin
and then I give it a try to find them in some encyclopedia on

Could anyone help me and write Latin names of these plants?

cherry plum         Prunus cerasifera
impatiens probably Impatiens noli-tangere         
rock rose ? Helianthemum nummularium
cerato ?  ceratophyllum ? 
agrimony ? Agrimonia eupatoria or Agrimonia procera
rock water ? rock-cress = Arabis 
scleranthus  Scleranthus perennis
walnut  Juglans regia
water violet  Hottonia palustris
white chestnut ? white ? sweet chestnut = Castanea sativa
wild oat  Avena fatua
wild rose ? Field rose = Rosa arvensis
red chestnut ? Horse chestnut = Aesculus hippocastrum
wheat germ  not a plant
wheat germ oil  "
collards        "
turnip greens   "
tempeh          "
boston ivy  Parthenocissus tricuspidata
castor ivy ? castor oil plant = Ricinus
chokeberry  Aronia arbutifolia
emerald duke  spelling?
poison oak  Rhus toxicodendron
poison sumac  Rhus vernix
split-leaf rhododendron  cultivar ?
gerbils animal ?
tea tree  Leptospermum scoparium
poison ivy  Rhus radicans
green clay  spelling ?
red clover  too many different kinds - Trifolium

Thank everybody for any piece of advice.
Could you mail the answer to: VANCURA at RISC.UPOL.CZ
or post it here in bionet.plants.
               Thanks a lot, Frantisek Vancura


I tried to fill in what I knew, hope it helps.  Some of the
items I can not understand what is meant.

Much luck  --  Chris

Jan. 1

I send this message on 30 Dec.  Did it ever get there?  I have not seen 
it on the net so far.   Very strange!


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