Seed germination and fertilizer

LOGAND logand at
Wed Feb 1 06:36:40 EST 1995

Someone wrote:

>hello!  I am trying to help a student  determine if there is any
>difference in seed germination when fertilizer is used.  If anyone can
>help, it would be greatly appreciated.  It is science project time.
>Thank you.

Yes, the effect of direct fertilizer treatments (esp. nitrogen availability 
itself) on seed germination is well documented. Plant Phys. books and Monographs
on germination (plenty about) will provide more details. However, not sure, if 
you mean the germination of seed which were produced on plant from fertilised 
soil versus those from plant on less fertile soil (I know nothing about the 
results of this type of experiment) or whether you mean the germination of +/- 
identical seed on medium of differing nutrient availability?


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