Plants that soften stone?

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>I'm not a botanist, so please don't get in a snit over my
>ignorance.   I am working on a book on the Peruvian Stoneworks.
>From the time of the Spanish Chroniclers (mid 1500's) there have
>been theories and legends that the incredibly accurate fit of 
>their masonry was accomplished with a plant that had the 
>capability of softening stone.
	Yes, it is possible. Some plants that are ecologically adapted to life
in rock crevices (and this is a common phenomenon among alpine plants) secrete
acids to soften the rock. Thus they gain a greater foothold in their niche. It
may well be possible that the Peruvians knew of a few such plants from
observation. However, I apologize for not being able to give you any exact
species as I do not know the flora of the Andes.

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