sources of Iberis amara seed

TOM at TOM at
Tue Feb 7 10:04:44 EST 1995

We are seeking a source for the purchase of 10 kg + of seeds of
Iberis amara (Cruciferae).  Iberis sempervirens is not an acceptable
substitute.   Ideally we would like to have the variety 'Eisberg',
an all-white, which is grown as an ornamental in Germany.  These
seeds will be extracted and a compound purified which is used in anti-
cancer research.  Therefore, the seeds do not have to be of the very
best quality, high germination percentage, do not even have to be
viable.  Seeds which have been properly storred for several years
will still contain the compound we need.   Several years ago the
Parks Seed Co. got us seeds as a special order from somewhere in
Europe, but it took a very long time.  There must be a better way!
Suggestions welcomed.  Please respond this newsgroup or by email to
mccloud at                     Thanks for the help.

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