Is there a seeds newsgroup?

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Tue Feb 7 16:01:05 EST 1995

In article <D39KEE.C29 at>, higgins at (John Higgins) writes:
>Is anyone aware of a newsgroup for seeds or seed technology
>or seed science or seed research etc - if so would appreciate
>being informed.
>John Higgins
>Official Seed Testing Station
>Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
>East Craigs
>EH12 8NJ
>Scotland, UK
>higgins at
>Tel: UK (0)31 244 8844
>Fax: UK (0)31 244 8940

Dear Dr. Higgins,

In our research organisation, we have a department for seed technology.
Dr. Mei Wang is the Product Manager:
Department of Plant Biotechnology
Organisation of applied technology (TNO), Nutrition
Centre for Fytotechnology RUL/TNO
Wassenaarseweg 64, 2333AL Leiden
The Netherlands
Fax:  31-71274863

You can contact Dr. Mei Wang if you would like to know more of our organisation

Succes, Martien Caspers (collegue of Dr. Mei Wang).

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