How to terminate poplars in a treefriendly way ???

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> Can anyone tell me how I environmentally correct kill poplar trees. I heard of 
> a beetle that causes the effect, but don´t know how to get it. If anyone can 
> give me the proper SERIOUS solution ? For those who CAN give me the solution:
> $75,-  reward!
> Thanks in advance....
> Frank
How many poplars are we talking about?  One poplar can be killed good and dead
with a stump digger (talk to your friendly local arborist).  A lot of polars,
e.g. lining a stream [and presumably blocking the view of that stream] require 
a different approach.  Are you sure you need to *kill* them?  If they're only
blocking your view, you can cut them back selectively to improve the view.
If you have other uses in mind for the land they're on, you can clear cut them
with a chain saw, and then either remove the stumps one by one with a stump 
digger (see above), pit fires around the individual stumps (although poplars 
are pretty tenacious), or some other method.  Alternatively, you can get a
local arborist/landscaper to bulldoze the whole thing, tear out all the stumps
and then re-level and re-seed afterwards.
If you want a very Ansel Adams-like landscape, remove the bark from the base of
the trees, all the way around.  The tree will die, but remain standing for some
time.  If you remove new shoots and fresh growth from the base of the tree, 
the bare branches will look like a cold January morning, even on a hot July 
afternoon.  Also, the crackling of the dead, dried-up branches as they fall 
from the topsof the trees will be an added sensory attraction.
Of course, depending on where you live, a shothole filled with nitroglycerin
is always good for a few laughs.

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