How to terminate poplars in a treefriendly way ???

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Tue Feb 7 13:24:18 EST 1995

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> Can anyone tell me how I environmentally correct kill poplar trees. I heard of 
> a beetle that causes the effect, but don´t know how to get it. If anyone can 
> give me the proper SERIOUS solution ? For those who CAN give me the solution:
> $75,-  reward!

This is another of those questions that would probably best be handled in
rec.gardens, but since Populus tremuloides is such a problem species when
you want it out of prairies, I happen to have some practical experience.
If you cut it down, it tends to root-sucker (send out lots of new shoots,
making lots of new trees).  In my experience, you get best control by
girdling the trees in early spring, and waiting for the tops to die... often
several years.  Then the tree can be cut with minimal regrowth.

An alternative method is to cut the trunks, allow the suckers to grow a
bit, and mow or remove suckers every month for several years.  In either
case, it's a lengthy process.

If the poplar you want to remove is not a species that suckers, you can
just cut the tree and watch for and remove any regrowth.

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