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>Rich Young (young at com.kodak.clpd) wrote:
>: In article <1995Jan31.224224.27645 at> 
>ginseng at (Ginseng Select) writes:
>: >Unique HIGH quality line of ginseng products at 
>: >
>: >Need help getting the word out on the net..  
>: >
>: >Give us a call or E-mail if you have any interest.  We are 
>willing to make 
>: >it worthwhile..
>: 	It's this kind of thing that threatens to make Usenet a Home
>: 	Shopping Channel without the pictures.  See below and please
>: 	refrain from indulging your temptations in the future.
>Rich, I agree that blatant abuse of newsgroups for commercial 
>ends is
>undesirable, but how do we strike a balance between the needs of
>readers of this group who ask for information about where to 
>for example, ginseng products and the desire of other readers to 
>off-the-topic postings out of the group?
>I would say that posting the URL of a place where the information 
>be obtained is quite reasonable under the circumstances. 

That's okay.
What's about one newsgroup for commercial aspects?

>I'd >also say
>that a gentle reminder of the group's charter would be 
>This group was created for discussions about _any_ aspect of 
>biology.  The majority of people reading bionet.plants are only
>interested in scientific discussions about the behaviour of 
>There are other groups better suited to more general questions 
>gardening, drugs, alternative medicine etc.
>	Tony.
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