Hydroponics--Need Help

RuffeL RuffeL at bonsmtp.ksc.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 8 07:01:34 EST 1995

In article <671108.69.792082351 at engnov.genie.uottawa.ca>, 671108 at engnov.genie.uottawa.ca (MUGHAL RAZA AZIZ) says:
>I am looking for information on hydroponics.  If anyone can email some info 
>or point me in the direction of any FTP or WWW site, or any other place on 
>the net for info, it would be appreciated.  Thanks.
 Hi, My name is lisa, I work for kennedy space center here in florida,
There is a group of people working with hydroponics here. what kind of information 
do you need. we are not on the www or ftp YET. probably by mid summer we will be.
We grow crop plants. potaotes, sweet potatoes, rice, wheat, soy bean, tomatoes,
lettuce, and one fruit crop strawberries.   
So e-mail me and I can send you information or just e-mail 
Cheryl.Mackowiak-1 at kmail.ksc.nasa.gov, she is are head hydro 

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