Why some perennials won't bloom

RuffeL RuffeL at bonsmtp.ksc.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 8 06:56:14 EST 1995

In article <D3HMEv.C26 at UQuebec.CA>, Yvan_Roux at UQAR.UQUEBEC.CA () says:
>Some perennials (Astilbe is one of those) are
>very sensitive to spring frost. If they freeze
>in the spring, the plant is not losted and will
>grow leaves but it won't bloom. What happen exactly?
>Last summer some of my astilbes and heuchera did not bloom.

astible is very sensitive to the frost. what happens is the plant get push back. try usinn a bloom
boost ( fert) on them.  This will help out int he root system.

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