How to terminate poplars in a treefriendly way ???

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Sat Feb 11 04:10:20 EST 1995

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Richard Winder (Canadian Forest Service, BC) wrote:

>..............................                     A local company 
>here in B.C., and at least two others elsewhere in Quebec and the Netherlands,
>are working to commercialize a fungal agent called Chondrostereum purpureum.
>However, there will probably be a home market some day, if several concerns 
>for that market can be addressed.........

I hope that it will be marketed in the Netherlands for biocontrol
of black cherry (European birdcherry, Prunus serotina) by the end 
of this year. After a few years I expect that the mycoherbicide
will be also used for controlling stump sprouting of other hardwoods.

>.........If you wanted to experiment, I suggest getting a 
>good fungi I.D. book with C. purpureum in it, finding some of this mushroom 
>(fresh, not dead) in the woods  (it is comsmopolitan in temperate climates, 
>and fruits during cold wet weather) putting pieces on the fresh cut stumps, 
>and covering it over with paraffin tape or the like.  Your tree may take two 
>years or so to die, and may attempt to resprout, but if the fungus survives 
>the transfer, the whole stump eventually dies.	-RSW

I propose that you invite me to visit your lab and I wiil perform
a field survey and bring you the purple crusts. I have done this a
few months ago on the Island of Nantucket. Scrub oak is a local
weed problem out there. These oaks are overcrowding heath vegetations.
They are now organizing a big research program on biocontrol in Nantucket.
So I can solve all your stump sprouting problems. You just have to send
me a flight ticket and a good compensation of expenses.
You may also want to request a research note that I have available
on disk.

Meindert de Jong <Vlinders at rcl.wau.NL>

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