HELP! Resurrection Plant, Rose of Jericho, Selaginellacae?

George Livsey georgel at
Mon Feb 13 11:24:20 EST 1995

I have been going nuts looking for information on a plant species 
commonly known as the Rose of Jericho or Resurrection plant.  I found a 
printed reference in "Arid Land Plant Resources", Texas Tech University 
Press, 1978 that identified it as Selaginella leipidophylla but I can't 
find any other references to it. Not at Harvard, U of California, U. of 
Texas, the Smithsonian or the EPA.  I can find plenty of refernces on 
selaginellacea but not this species.  I suspect that this might be a case 
of mis-classification.  If you can offer any pointers,  I would gretly 
appreciate it.

George Livsey

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