tomato transformation

Hwang Jongpil z942460 at AXP3400.KYUNGPOOK.AC.KR
Mon Feb 13 06:31:23 EST 1995

 Thanks for answers

 Now I got some pre-modias from other explants(leaflet).
 They was selected in KM 50mg/l.
 and pre-modias was showen positive response about GUS assay.
 as you say,
 I will transfer them to KM 100mg/l selection medium.and
 I also keep them on KM 50mg/l medium
 thanks Dr. Jef
 I read it and I am following it for transformation of 
 Lycopersion esculentum.
 Dr. Sheila Mccormick
 I appreciate your answer to my question. 

 Hwang Jong pil
 e-mail: z942460 at

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