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>         I would like to demonstrate Nitrogen deficeny, Potassium
> deficency, and Potash deficency in soybeans for a class room project.
>         I thought the easiest way to demonstrate these plant stresses
> would be to:
>              1) propagate the soybeans in a metromix type media, (low
>                 fertility)
>              2) feed the control plants NO3, K, and H2PO4, and
>              3) feed the demo pots the same amount of the nutrients supplied
>                 to the control, minus the nutrient I wanted deficent.
>         I wondered if there is a better method?  My concern is that
> the soil media may still supply enough nutrients to overcome the
> deficency I'm trying to create.  What would effectively tie up each
> macronutrient and make it unavailable to the plant?
>         All methods and comments are welcome!  Thanks!
> _kathleen_heldreth_ 

Try using acid washed sand.  You won't have any problems of contamination
of your experiment with nutrients from the soil.

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