Bizarre Transgene Idea?

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Thu Feb 16 14:25:55 EST 1995

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>Subject: Bizarre Transgene Idea?
>Date: 15 Feb 1995 22:16:47 GMT

>Problem:  I need massive quantities of a mammalian integral membrane protein.
>          Bacteria can't handle the protein.

>Question: Could I make a transgenic tomato to overexpress my protein as a 
>          source for purification?  Has this been attempted?  Any pro's
>          or con's? 

If yeast don't work then think about baculoviruses but I am not sure how they 
tolerate membrane proteins. I guess you know that membrane proteins are amongt 
the most difficult to express....

Oh, Yes. Just how much is massive? and whats the coli expression problem. You 
could try a fusion in coli, fusions often lack the lethality that some prots 
show. Good luck

Chris Jones

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