Genetically engineered tomato

Patrick O'Neil patrick at corona
Thu Feb 16 10:43:11 EST 1995

On 13 Feb 1995, Brian Hachey wrote:
> What is the mutation rate and what is the average redundancy in a
> gene?  I suppose my question really boils down to, given a medium
> which does not favour a specific gene, what is the average number of
> generations needed for that gene to be mutated out? 

Hi again. I actually wanted to make a slight modification to what I wrote
previously.  Though the basal rate of DNA damage events is roughly steady,
the rate of repair can vary.  The machinery that repairs DNA damage, such
as mismatch repair or excision repair, are strongly associated with
transcription.  That is, genes that are being utilized constantly or often
are repaired more quickly than is silent DNA.  So, from this you can see
that a nontranscriptionally active ampicillin resistance gene in bacteria
would APPEAR to mutate at a greater rate than does active DNA and this is
due to a lower rate of repair, not a lower rate of damage. 

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