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Subject: Help: Identify Plant !

Hi, Can anyone help identify a plant I have ?  It started life as a small
wooden trunk I bought in Spain.  It was sold as 'The Lucky Plant', but I
doubt if that is its real name !

I resembles a Yucca, but with larger, broader flat leaves with that hang
over in an arch unlike the Yucca's more rigid leaves.  I don't know what
other information to add !  The lower leaves are dying at the ends and I
presume this is due to a lack of certain nutrients, but I would rather
find out what plant it is first, than risk giving it the wrong thing.

Thanks in advance.

(I genuinely can't receive this group, but I can post to it via another
system, so could I ask you to copy any replies to my e-mail address too
please ?...Thanks)

Kevan Winch
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