Plant Breeding Conferences

Ellen Sutter egsutter at UCDAVIS.EDU
Fri Feb 17 19:54:13 EST 1995

>It would be appreciated if anyone inform me about conferences existing
>on the following areas which will be held on 1995 anywhere in the world.
>1) Plant breeding
>2) Wheat breeding
>3) Molecular biotecnology in wheat
>4) Breeding for bread making quality
>5) Wheat plant manipulation
>6) Wheat genetics or cytogenetics symposium
>7) Exploitation of wheat doubled haploids
>With the best regards,
>Ali Ranjbar

I suggest you check out Chronica Horticulturae, the newletter of the
International Society of Horticultural Science.  They list conferences
sponsored by ISHS.  Other possibilities include contacting professional
societies in the areas of your interest.
        Ellen Sutter

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