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In article <sam.scheiner.6.04A5CF85 at>, sam.scheiner at (Samuel M. Scheiner) writes:
> I am trying to germinate seeds of Atriplex polycarpa. Based on initial advice, 
> we planted them in flats with potting soil mixed with local dirt. But, after 2 
> 1/2 weeks, nada, zip, zilch, zero. Now I want to try the petri dish in the 
> incubator trick. Any advice on day/night cycles, temperature cycles, etc. 
> would be greatly appreciated.
If you want to determine viability only, a tetrazolium test is the
fastest way.

If you actually need seedlings, and absent any other information
on the plant, I'd try leaching the seeds in running water for
24 hours (don't let them get oxygen deprived!) to remove possible
inhibitors in the seed coat, and I'd nick the seed coat to allow
water to enter if the seed in your flats haven's started to swell.
As to time and temperature, I'd probably try 12 hour day/night
cycles of 40oF/70oF first, or whatever the usual lows and highs
are in the area the plant is native to in the 2-3 months
before they would germinate in the wild.

2.5 weeks is not a long time for germination in a wild plant.
See also Young and Young's (approximate title) _collecting,
processing and germinating seeds of wildland plants, published
by Timber Press.  They may well have atriplex germ information.

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