Plant tissue culture

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>A few of us from rec.gardens would be interested in your comments:
> |  Pray tell, gentle netoids, is it true that tissue culture
> |  of plants can be carried out at the kitchen table using care,
> |  simple, household chemicals and a certain amount of expertise;
> |  or is it strictly for mega-sterile lab conditions filled with
> |  white-coated genius types who've never actually seen dirt?
> |  Please, share your experience.
>e-mail is okay if replies here are inappropriate
>Yvonne                   Y.Edwards at

It is certainly possible to do tissue cultureat home on a kitchen table.
Sterility is very important, but you don't need a lot of expensive equipment
to create sterile conditions.  Several years ago, I took a lab course in
tissue culture, where we used sterile paper sheets to work with.  If you
fold these sheets double, you can work between the two layers of paper.
This will not give you the same kind of protection as you would have in a
laminar air flow chamber, but it will work.

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