Wed Feb 22 15:51:41 EST 1995

I somehow missed the incoming but caught the outgoing message regarding
avocados.  To me, the old "toothpick" idea was a myth as it has never
worked for me.  Most of my plants do best when I let them have the run
of the house and don't bother them too much other than watering them.
(My husband claims we live in a jungle, but I don't think it's really
THAT bad!)  Anyway, to get to the point, I took an avocado pit one day
and stuck it in a pot, covered it with dirt, and "forgot about it".  I
continued to moisten the soil when doing my rounds of watering, and -
LO and BEHOLD - it sprouted.  To date, I am the proud owner of about a
dozen avocado plants in varying stages of growth.  They make very pretty
trees, and let you know exactly how often they would like to be watered
- by wilting when too dry.  So if you get them going, and get it growing
- be sure to notice the initial downwards tilt of the leaves - when they
start sagging - give them water, and they'll perk right up.

Good luck and have fun!  Larisa.  lwe at nccibm1.bitnet

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