Orchid Madness

Marco_Bleeker mbleeker at euronet.nl
Thu Feb 23 01:47:19 EST 1995

Hi Jason,


Don't panic !

>I got an orchid as a gift a while back, and while I won't say I'm an
>expert botanist or anything, I can usually keep a plant healthy.
>My problem is this...I got this orchid, and it stubbornly REFUSES to
>flower...It's getting good light (flourescent...is that ok?)  I mist it
>often, and I water it correctly.   What else do I need to do?

  Go on vacation !  Most plants need a rest too.  Very often plants are being 
hugged to death...  With Orchids this -the resting period, how long, how cool, 
how dry it must be - is rather critical. And depends on the species.  But what 
I'd try is make your artificial day an hour shorter, don't mist often - for 
about a month or two. And then suddenly start the wet monsoon again. Perhaps 
this will trigger something beautiful !

Succes, Marco

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