Boston Fern (nephrolepis) help!!

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Thu Feb 23 21:36:21 EST 1995

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> On 19 Feb 1995, Flex13 wrote:
> > I am a novice indoor plant grower.  I recently purchased a boston fern. 
> > The temp in my apt. is 68-70 F.  I run a humidifier, so it is not dry. 
> > The fern gets no direct sunlight, but plenty of indirect.  I mist it every
> > day and water it only when dry.
> > Why do I keep loosing leaves(fronds?)?  
> > 
> I've never had the appropriate spot to grow a Boston Fern - they need 
> perfect everything!  But it is natural for the fern to lose fronds 
> periodically.  New fiddleheads pop up right behind them.  Unless you are 
> losing a majority of fronds and/or the plant looks sick.  Don't worry 
> about it.  
> Could it be possible that you are giving it too much water?  I don't know 
> what the right amount would be, but you don't want the fern to rot. >

Well, the only one I've ever raised seems OK in a rather dark apartment,
hanging in front of a small basement-type window that gets southern
exposure. Last year I gave it a weekly shower in the tub, but not this
year. Can't see a difference in growth. I water it once a week (has a
self-watering pot), but I've read that it doesn't mind going dry, unlike
other ferns. BUT it seems to like staying moist. Fed Peter's 20-20-20
(weak) every 3 weeks in the winter - more in summer.

It looses leaves all the time. Give it a good shake down once in a while
(makes a mess). It's always growing replacement fronds. In the summer it
lived outside under the apple tree and LOVED it!

Good luck.    Kevin

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