Request: Plymouth Gentian Info

Jennifer Forman jforman at
Sat Feb 25 00:23:37 EST 1995

	Greetings all!

	I am a graduate student doing research on the Plymouth Gentian
(_Sabatia kennedyana_ Fern.), a perennial herb that inhabits the shores of
coastal plain ponds.  It is listed as a species of "Special Concern"
in Massachusetts.

	The research I've done so far has yielded little except background
information.  I was hoping that someone might have some suggestions as to
possible leads, or even articles he/she might have seen (I'm not being
lazy; the databases I've searched haven't had any info!).

	I am especially interested in the status of this species in 
states other than Massachusetts.  I would appreciate any help, and of
course would be willing to share the info I have gathered with anyone
who is interested.

	Thank you in advance ...

	-Jennifer Forman
	(jforman at

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