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Peter Jordan pjordan at cab013.cs.ualberta.ca
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thargie at thargie.xs4all.nl writes:


>Would it be possible to isolate the genetic material
>which is responsoble for the production of THC and THC9
>and introduce it in e.g. Lattice or a tobacco plant?

>Just think... a field full of lattice!
>Who would suspect? :-)

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Probably, but you would have to insert all the genes for the
metabolic pathway and then get them to be expressed.
Yeast would be a better target organism (if I'm not making this up).

MAybe you could make an allopolyploid between Humulus (Hops) and
Cannabis (Pots).

	Take a nuclei from each cell, and combine
			them into one cell.

If I don't get the job I applied for, this is what I am going to try to do.

I only ever have to work with marijuana seeds, so the fuzz would probably
stay away or at least have a darn time getting any evidence before

	[ G U L P ]

... before I had a plant which behaved as a seperate species and thus
no longer covered by Pot cultivation laws.

Any one have a lab with an inverted stage microscope, a micromanipulator
and plant tissue culture stuff they could let me use.

Resume available on request.

Peter Jordan
(pjordan at cab013.cs.ualberta.ca)

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