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Stan plantone at iquest.net
Sun Feb 26 14:05:22 EST 1995

In article <3iolfj$dkd at steel.interlog.com>, cbriggs at interlog.com (Cullan 
Briggs) says:
   >There's a new Hydroponics web page at http://www.io.org/~global

fwiw, my home page "Plantasia On-line" can be found at URL:


   it is under construction, and will encompass many different gardening
   issues.  planning some really neat things, including a constantly
   updating live picture of my indoor garden!

Plantasia Garden Company's on-line catalog can be found at URL:


   it is also under construction, and is due for a drastic format change
   in the next several months, but you can start poking around now.

HELP, HELP, HELP... any comments, suggestions, or contributions you would
like to make to any of my pages would be happily accepted.  i am pressed
for net-time as it is, so if anyone is interested in helping maintain
part of the Plantasia OnLine web page, please give me a holler via email.

i especially need contributions and current information on ORGANIC/SOIL
gardening, FLOWER gardening, HYDROPONIC/OUTDOOR gardening, and HOUSEPLANT
gardening.  the bulk of my personal knowledge and experience is in indoor
gardening under lights (vegetables and herbs), indoor hobby hydroponics,
and outdoor container gardeing.


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