Ephedra viridis

Bob Kirk reikirk at ksu.ksu.edu
Sun Feb 26 17:07:50 EST 1995

Erkki.Aalto at Helsinki.FI writes:

>Fully hardy, but where? I would like to know if E. viridis would be
>hardy in southern Finland.

Snorf! Snurgkh! Huh? {comes awake}

   Hell, I know what E. viridis is!  Reading these posts, I've been
thinking it was one of those more obscure species that have proven
not hardy here in northeast Kansas - or at least not resistant to my
indifferent care...
   Anyhow, this particular one has grown here for ? probably 7-8 years
and is now a leggy, craggy-looking single-stemmed shrub about 1.5m tall.
It has survived temperatures down to -20F, with periods of more than a
week between 0 and -10F. (converting in my head, roughly -18 to -24C,
with minimum at least -30C).
   Not the most decorative plant, especially in winter; it would no doubt
appreciate more unobstructed sunlight than it gets, though. Growing in
an 8-inch (20 cm) sand bed, but I don't think that's too important since
the underlying soil though very rich & fairly heavy is quite well drained,
the one thing that's probably essential in growing this plant.

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