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Peter Jordan pjordan at cab013.cs.ualberta.ca
Sun Feb 26 17:12:13 EST 1995

jason at cnj.digex.net (Jason Tiscione) writes:

>I heard that the government tried to do this, in an effort to make a hops
>plant with the physical properties of marijuana (fibrosity), without the
>awful THC content that they seem to dislike so much.  The resulting
>hybrid wasn't exactly what the government wanted: a hops plant with no 
>fibrosity, and slightly elevated concentrations of some non-psychoactive 
>cannabinoids that are naturally found in hops.  You can't win.

Hmm,  Iwouldn't think it would be near as hard to selectively breed it
from there. Time yes, money  ..... not much.

	Mail order potential of seeds .... phenomenal.

>>If I don't get the job I applied for, this is what I am going to try to do.

>A guy with a plan.  That's good.  I think you need to work on it though!

That is what I said I wanted to do.

[ Snipped ]

>>... before I had a plant which behaved as a seperate species and thus
>>no longer covered by Pot cultivation laws.

>If it gets you high, it is exhibiting the behavior stipulated by the
>legislation against it.  Don't worry.

Only if I know it will get me high.

My aim is to develop a plant with fiber properties and no THC remember ;)

>                                       Jason     jason at cnj.digex.net

Peter Jordan

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