Saint or sinner sowing wild seeds?

Cat mwitchar at
Mon Feb 27 21:30:31 EST 1995

Whether sowing wild seeds about is good or bad depends on your viewpoint.
For example, if you subscribe to the idea that what we have now is the way
nature intended you could reason that sowing wild seed in places where it
once grew is a no-no. The counter argument here is that where the wild
population was lost was due to human interference and so it is okay to
reintroduce them. I must admit that I feel (morally) that reintroducing
a plant to an area it once existed is fine. This may not be the ecologically
or scientifically accepted view (since morals rarely come in to science these
days). So, I think and agree, that it is okay to do the reintroduction. I
should add a caveat here though that you'd better be sure that these plants
being reintroduced WERE in fact the original plants growing in the area or
you could end up with a nasty outbreak of 'weeds'. The definition of weeds
itself varies from author to author. One is quoted as calling a weed as 
'a plant out of place' which may be simplistic or as complete a definition
as you wish. Although this may sound reckless, I'd much rather see a yard
full of native wildflowers, no matter how rampant they get, than the sterile
monoculture of a well manicured lawn which is perhaps one of our society's
most resource wasting and time consuming 'icons' (personal peeve there).
I hope other people continue to this thread - it is an interesting issue. 

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