Database of Plants & Their Uses

Frank van de Loo FJVAND00 at
Tue Feb 28 07:19:32 EST 1995

Hi Plant Netters,
I downloaded the program Herbage1 ( by anonymous FTP from in /simtel/msdos/biology), that has been mentioned here a
couple of times.  It is a little program and database of a few hundred
common or agricultural plants and their uses, particularly those relating
to traditional or folk-medicine uses (seems to me).  I recommend having a look
at it  (though my employer doesn't, etc, etc).
I was actually hoping for something a little different.  Can anybody direct me
to any databases that can be downloaded or readily searched over the net, that
are scientifically-oriented, and relate species to natural products identified
in them?  Or how about a taxonomical database that relates species to their
families - an electronic version of Willis' (now Mabberley's) "Dictionary
of the Flowering Plants and Ferns"?  Or how about a database of species and
their chromosome numbers and genome sizes?
Obviously, a bit of a wish-list.  Any pointers to such things in existence
greatly appreciated.  If they don't exist, are they under development?  Can
I encourage somebody out there to do so?
Frank van de Loo
USDA-ARS, University of Kentucky.

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