Saint or sinner sowing wild seeds?

SGLevine sglevine at
Tue Feb 28 19:51:02 EST 1995

My interest in in expanding the area of native flora beyond the areas
currently preserved.  What I am creating certainly does not resemble a
"pretty garden" but I would like to re-establish something close to its
natural condition.  I could let it just sit there on its own, and become
overrun by "noxious weeds" such as pigweed, lamb's quarters, etc., and
most certainly be eventually forced to control the mess by the city's
nuisance abatement people, or I could keep mowing the lawn and growing the
same alien species that are all too common in every yard across America,
or I could attempt, after sufficient research on native plants and their
requirements, to grow native flora, which would in turn support native
wildlife.  I have opted for this last course of action.  I have compiled a
database of over 1,800 species present in Northwest Ohio and Southeast
Michigan.  I have sufficient printed floras and education to distinguish
between native and non-native species.  I have ordered native plants,
locally listed as rare, scarce, or infrequent, from sources in New York
and Wisconsin.  These sources are listed by the National Wildflower
Research Center.  Other native plants have been purchased locally.  In
addition, seed has been gathered from common fall plants such as wingstem,
joe-pye weed, asters, etc. has been collected from both state forests and
game areas (where it is permitted) and from state parks and MetroParks
(where it is not).  

For what it's worth, I do have degrees in botany and zoology, I have taken
ecology courses, I would despise Rush Limbaugh if I ever listened to him,
I am more than a little offended by the suggestion that I would be a
Limbaugh fan, and under no circumstances will I further respond to attacks
on my education or intentions.  On the other hand, if someone can calmly
deal with the simple question at hand, I would appreciate it.  Is the
collection of native seed from parkland to re-establish native plants
elsewhere actually harmful or beneficial.

Unlike most people on-line, I don't like to get my blood pressure up.  I
have no desire to stand and fight here.  I'm not a good debater, so if
attacked, I will just disappear.  I am here to expand my knowledge, not my


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