Care & Feeding of the Avocado

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Tue Jan 3 04:19:48 EST 1995

>The leaves are turning brown around the 
>edges, however, altho new leaves can be seen. Short of IV infusions, is 
>there something I can do to help it thive?
>Thanks awfully for reading this post. 
>PS... If I am in the wrong church, can someone direct me to the right 
>place to ask this question?
>TIA -- Dorothy (on her ex's Internet link)

I can think of two things which may be causing your problem. One is a nutrient
deficiency of some sort. There are houseplant fertilizers which can correct
this... any garden shop can help you select one which is appropriate. If it has
been in the same soil for quite a while, this may be the culprit. Otherwise you
may be droughting the plant... unlikely though, as most people tend to
overwater their houseplants. 
There is a third possiblity. If you have seen some insects around the plant
and the leaves feel like there is honey on them, aphids have invaded. But I
would suspect nutrient deficiency. Best of luck.

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