Avacado Seed Help

Ellen Sutter fzsutter at rocky.ucdavis.edu
Mon Jan 2 19:26:14 EST 1995

Leta Dally (U47248 at uicvm.uic.edu) wrote:
: Could someone please let me know which way to grow an avacado seed?  I
: have two seeds from the large Florida avacados and would like to start
: two plants but can't remember which way to point them.  Thanks in advance.

: Leta Dally

Although some people grow avocados by supporting a seed over a glass of 
water, it grows far better when placed in soil.  As I recall the pointed 
end goes up. It will take longer to germinate in soil than in water, but 
it will be a stronger plant.  The danger of planting a seed in soil is 

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