Missouri Plant Bioremediation Conference

Ray Dobert rdobert at NALUSDA.GOV
Thu Jan 5 16:37:14 EST 1995

To all interested plant biologists:

The Fourteenth Annual Missouri Symposium will be held this year in 
Columbia, MO from April 19-22.  The topic of the meeting is "Will Plants 
Have a Role in Bioremediation" with subtopics of
- Heavy metals: accumulators, tolerance and exclusion mechanisms
- Plant-assisted decontamination
- Plant-assisted degradation of organics
- Environmental consideration of plant-based remediation

For more information contact 
University Extension Conference Office 
314-882-8320; fax 882-1953 or 
Dr. Doug Randall at Bchemdr at mizzou1.missouri.edu

A partial list of invited speakers includes:

Burt Ensley, Phytotech
     Phytoremediation: Scope, potential and implementation 
Donna L. Bedard, GE, Corporate R&D 
     The role of microbial PCB dechlorination and degradation
Ming Tien, Pennsylvania State University
     White rot fungus for degradation of toxic organics
Alan Baker, University of Sheffield, UK
     Metal hyperaccumulation in plants
Roger Reeves, Massey University
     Chemical aspects of metal hyperaccumulation 
Andrew Smith, Oxford University, UK
     Role of metal transport and chelation in a nickel hyperaccumulator
Mark MacNair, Exeter University, UK
     Genetics of metal tolerance in higher plants
Peter Goldsbrough, Purdue University
     Phytochelatins and metallothioneins: complementary mechanisms for metal
Chris Cobbett, University of Melbourne, Australia
     Phytochelatin deficient mutants Arabidopsis thaliana.
David Ow, USDA Plant Gene Expression Center
     Molecular characterization of the phytochelatin Cd transporter
George Wagner, University of Kentucky
     Biochemical studies of heavy metal transport
David Salt, Rutgers University
     Cadmium transport and accumulation in plants
J.A.C. Verkleij, Free University, Amsterdam
     Physiological studies on Zn and Cd tolerance in higher plants
Tom Leustek, Rutgers University
     Regulation of cysteine biosynthesis by Cd
Rich Meagher, University of Georgia
     Engineering bacterial Hg reductase in Arabidopsis thaliana
Jean Louis Morel, ENSAIA, France
     Root exudates and metal mobilization
Gabriel Bitton, University of Florida
     Specific determination of heavy metal toxicity in soils
F.M.M. Morel, Princeton University
     Phytochelatin concentrations in pristine and polluted ecosystems
Randall Alberte, Office of Naval Research
     Research needs for a mechanistic understanding of phytoremediation in
     aquatic systems
Stewart Strand, University of Washington
     Transportation and transformation of trichloroethylene in poplar
John Fletcher, University of Oklahoma
     Plant assisted PCB degradation
Scott Angle, University of Maryland
     Rhizosphere facilitated catabolism of organics 
Lee Wolfe, Environmental Res.  Lab, EPA, Athens 
     Degradation of munitions and chlorinated solvents by plants
Scott Cunningham, E.I. DuPont 
     What plants can and cannot do 
Illya Raskin, Rutgers University
     Using plants for remediation of heavy metals in water
Rufus Chaney, USDA/ ARS Beltsville
     Hyperaccumulator based reclamation
Sven Jorgensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
     Heavy metal extraction from soils and aquatic systems
Norman Terry, University of California - Berkeley
     Can plants solve the Se problem?
Robert Boyd, Auburn University
     Consequences of heavy metal hyperaccumulation for herbivores and
Teresa Fan, University of California - Davis
     Environmental considerations of phytoremediation
Ian Pulford, University of Glasgow, UK
     Uptake of heavy metals from contaminated-soils by trees
D.Riddel-Black, Water Research Centre, UK
     Heavy metal uptake by and Populus species from sewage sludge amended 
Barbara Hetrick, University of Northern Iowa 
     Mycorrhizal mediated revegetation of flue gas desulfurization sludge and
     heavy metal contaminated mine spoils


Plant Biochemistry, Physiology, and Molecular Biology Symposium, 
April 19-22,1995

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Registration (includes reception)   $75
Students (includes reception & 1 dinner)   $40

Mail to: Plant Biochemistry Symposium
         348 Hearnes Center - UMC 
         Columbia, MO 65211
Fax to:  (314) 882-1953 
or register by phone at (314) 882-8320.
Return registration forms and fees by March 31, 1995. 
On-site registration may be limited. Enrollment will be limited to 250.

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