Biology WWW sites?

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Sun Jan 8 03:57:52 EST 1995

Subject: Biology WWW sites?
From: Mike Barrett, mike at
Date: 4 Jan 1995 23:12:47 GMT
In article <3efa1f$8ff at> Mike Barrett,
mike at writes:
>hi, a friend and i are doing a science project on the growth of plants. 
>anyone has any WWW or FTP sites that might cntain useful information
>email me.  I'm looking for very general information on plants.  thanks!
>mike at

Another site that might interest you is the Southwest School of Botanical
Although having files primarily dealing with medicinal plants, we do have
90 JPEG plant images (another 150 in a week or two), primarily of
medicinal plants of Western North America.

The files can be obtained at:

healthcare/SW-School of Botanical Medicine 

(ANONYMOUS FTP)  /pub/academic/medicine/alternative-healthcare/SW School
of Botanical Medicine 

the WWW (Web) site is:
ve- healthcare/SW School of Botanical Medicine 

Michael Moore
hrbmoore at

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