Texas Ebony

Lenadams Dorris lenadams at nevada.edu
Sun Jan 8 15:13:59 EST 1995

bryce at gothic.demon.co.uk (James Savage) wrote:
>Another post for a friend...
>Can somebody give me information on a Texas Ebony (pithecellobium). I
>need to know anything about the care of them, such as:
>Soil type (acid/alkaline)
>Temperature variations (day/night/summer/winter)

Texas Ebony (Pithecellobium flexicaule) prefers well-drained alkaline soil and the irrigation
equivalent of 20-25 inches of rain per year. It thrives in dry high-summer temperatures
(120 F has no effect on it), and can briefly take down to 15 F with no ill effects. Plants
which are grown dry will withstand winter cold better than those which are overwatered.
Outside of its natural range, it is seldom bothered by pests.

I will also send this on through e-mail, but post it in case anyone else is interested.

BTW Pithecellobium means "Ape's Earrrings". Cool, huh?

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