Weed Science Socity Symposium

Dave L Robinson robin019 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Thu Jan 12 12:34:21 EST 1995

Yeah, leguminous weeds. I've been doing some research on Medicago 
lupulina (black medic) and its potential to fix atmospheric nitrogen in 
turfgrass situations. It looks like this species (and probably clover 
too, another lawn weed) may actually add nitrogen credits to lawns even 
if it gets mowed every week and is fertilized. Iwill be presenting this at 
the Weed Science Society meeting next month in Seattle. Will you be there?

On 12 Jan 1995, Bowdrill wrote:

> Hi I'm generally interested in weeds, good one with good utilitarian uses.
>  Know of any groups that I might like ?
> Dogbane
> Milkweed
> Nettles etc

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