Spider plant propagation

Alison Evans aevans at castor.fccc.edu
Sun Jan 15 14:47:19 EST 1995

In article <D2GM4v.LGC at cunews.carleton.ca> ug940078 at omega.scs.carleton.ca (Sean Ebert) writes:
>About 6 months ago, I propagated 3 baby spider plants.  They sit beside me 
>now, about 15 inches high, each having about 15-20 leafs..
>I'm patiently waiting for new babies to arrive, so I can propogate some 
>"grand-kids", but I think these plants are using some type of contraceptive 
>or something, cause there's no sign of any babies; all I ever get is 
>more leaves!

	Have you tried pressuring them with guilt by sighing and saying "I
guess I'll die without ever having seen my grandchildren"?  It works for human
	Seriously, spider plants are most likely to reproduce when they've
gotten slightly pot-bound.  That may take a year or more after you've first 
propagated them, depending on the size of pot you have.  

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