Eucalyptus under irrigation

Stuart Brown stuart at
Tue Jan 17 02:19:00 EST 1995

lgurovic at (Luis Gurovich) writes:

>Summary: Gathering information on research done or under actual
>development on Eucalyptus wood production under irrigation
>Next March, 1995 a new research project will be started in Chile to
>assess Eucalyptus development under different irrigation regimes
>(frequencies and water depths applied, as % of ETp). The main objective
>is oriented to see if we can reduce by a year or two the time span
>needed from planting to tree maturity (for cellulose pulp production),
>and to evaluate if irrigated areas closer to pulp mills are suitable for
>Eucalyptus enhanced growth.
>We will appreciate information on similar studies carried on in the past
>or under development now, to share experiences and data, to select
>appropiate field treatments.
>I have no previous experience with forst trees, but my main research is
>related to irrigation and fertigation of fruit orchards and tablegrape
>plantations under controlled drip irrigation.
>The possibility to visit research facilities is considered on the
>budget, and also the visit to Chile of foreing specialists can be
>Luis A. Gurovich
>School of Agronomy and Forestry
>Universidad Catolica de Chile
>P. O. Box 306 - 22 Santiago - Chile
>Telephone 562 552 2375 ext. 4102 
>Fax:      562 552 6005
>e-mail: lgurovic at

I tried emailing the following message to you but got it returned to me. I
presume it was a local (NZ) problem.

Dear Luis,
a freezing works near us irrigates eucalyptus plantations as a means of 
effluent disposal. They intend to us the wood as fuel for heating water.

I think their was some research underway in conjunction with their 
project, I could send a postal address and a contact person if you wish.

Stuart Brown.
New Zealand.


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